Monkey For Hire (7)

September 8th, 2011 The MD

Livok scans the horizon whilst Pivok snoozes.....

Livok scans the horizon whilst Pivok snoozes.....


Livok and Pivok




Livok and Pivok are twins from the extremely rare Siamese twin species of monkey, the Chibumpshibumpybumps. The pair are physically joined at the hip and from birth they were highly competitive, constantly challenging each other at chess and board games including Buckaroo and Hungry Hippos. By their teens the pair would regularly come to blows. Unable to run away from each other, the fight wouldn’t end until one of them was knocked out. Now elderly monkeys aged over one hundred years old, the twins have mellowed and now work as a team. They’ve been working as lighthouse keepers for the past 85 years.

Due to the fact that they’re Siamese twins, they’re able to keep watch 24 hours a day as one can sleep whilst the other continues to scan the horizon for ships. When they’re both awake the pair can potentially watch two directions at once, however Pivok dropped his telescope on his last job and so they now have to share Livok’s, limiting them to a vigil in one direction at any one time.

In quiet times the pair will combat the lonely life of a lighthouse keeper by keeping each other company, telling each other jokes or playing paper-scissors-stone. They both have an extremely loud, booming voice that they can use as a foghorn to warn approaching ships of nearby rocks.

Unfortunately Pivok wants to retire to fulfill his dream of bungee jumping. Livok wants to continue working and is scared of heights. This could lead to bad blood and their return to the dark days of their youth.

Recommended Salary (Or Equivalent):

10,000 bananas per annum (a bargain as you get two lighthouse keepers for the price of one). It is recommended that the employer buys a new telescope for Pivok in order to maximise the potential of the investment.

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