Kamunoo (The Order of the Blood Rose)

October 26th, 2010 The MD

Kamunoo uses tactic 4 to bag another recruit...

Kamunoo uses tactic 4 to bag another recruit...



Job Title/Description:

“He will recruit members for a secret society”


The Order of the Blood Rose


As a young monkey, Kamunoo was kidnapped by an evil professor and imprisoned in his underground lair. Initially he was forced to do menial work by the evil professor, such as washing the dishes, polishing his shoes and dusting the evil professors control panel. As he grew older, the professor brainwashed him so that he would follow in his evil footsteps.

After just a few brainwashing sessions Kamunoo was given the job of recruiting henchmen for the professor and feeding his giant genetically modified piranha fish. Unfortunately he still had to perform his chores, and tragedy struck when the evil professor slipped on a floor Kamunoo was polishing and fell in to the piranha tank.

Kamunoo inherited the professor’s evil empire but unfortunately couldn’t afford the mortgage repayments on the underground lair. It was repossessed by the bank and later bought by an elderly couple looking for a retirement home.


Kamunoo has significant experience in recruitment from his days in the underground lair. He uses a variety of methods when he recruits:

- Using top secret, cryptic adverts in newspapers

- Offering a ‘Free Stress Test’ and then hypnotising the victims using one of the professors’ special inventions he salvaged from the lair

- Administering a secret drug by squirting it in to an unwitting recruit’s drink in a coffee shop, pub or other public place. This drug was also developed in the lair

- Hitting them over the head with a large stick and using evil henchmen to carry them back to the lair where he tortures them until they agree to join

- By attempting to lure people in to a trance on the bus using a technique he learned whilst on a caravan holiday in North Wales

Due to his earlier work for the professor, Kamunoo can be depended upon to maintain secrecy until his very last breath. If he is recruited he wishes to implement a new initiation ceremony in to the Order involving frozen chickens. He demands that his new employer also pays the salary of his two evil henchmen, and provides a company car and dental cover.


He will happily wear the robes of The Order of the Blood Rose but will sometimes need to wear disguises during the recruitment process. On Wednesdays he likes to wear a Fez hat for no particular reason.

Location and Start Date:

He is available to start immediately but requires three days off each week as he is building a new lair in memory of the professor.

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