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For the sake of their friend Princess Vivi Nefertari, the Straw Hats put everything on the line to save her country from the Warlord Crocodile The World's Greatest Bounty Hunter, Cidre! The arc has a lot of cool moments where characters show how strong they've gotten since joining the crew which adds to the sense of progression in a filler arc
As the arc reaches the end, the most unexpected thing happens — the death of Ace One Piece has already been adapted to an with some , , , , and , , , , , , , , , , among

One Piece Arcs: All Arcs Ranked from Worst to Best.

So, many great things happened such as the fight between Rayleigh one of the members in the Gol D Reger crew, and the admiral Kizaru the right hand of the Marines fleet commander.

One Piece Filler Episodes Explained (& Which Arcs To Skip)
Luffys group going to Zou to regroup with Nami and the others who when they last spoken to, countered Big Mom's crew
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After defeating Wapol, Luffy manages to recruit Chopper who becomes the doctor of the crew
Usopp then lies to his crew in order to protect them from harm
Then followed by the plan of straw hat crew and the Fire Tank Pirates with their smart captain Beige This arc also the first time we learn about fishman
Subsequent to crushing Wapol, Luffy figures out how to select Chopper who turns into the specialist of the team It doesn't have much to show as a filler arc, but it does lead directly into the events of the film One Piece: Strong World

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Vivi, Her Friends And The Country's Form! Despite clocking up almost 1000 episodes, the TV show doesn't stray into non-canon territory often, and One Piece filler also isn't as bad as you might've seen in other anime series.

One Piece Sagas, Arcs, and Fillers List: A Simple Guide to the Anime
One Piece's massive world is alive and can operate without the main characters, so good filler arcs usually show this side of the world
Lists of One Piece episodes
You could say Marineford was what did that, but that was more Luffy losing than the whole crew
One Piece Arcs: All Arcs Ranked from Worst to Best.
Here, we witness Luffy beat his first strong opponent, Crocodile, which also the first Shichibukai Luffy beat