Lord Chimpgar #1 Bananas to Riches

March 8th, 2012 The Chimpfather

Lord Chimpgar

Successful billionaire Lord Chimpgar didn’t start life with a fortune waiting for him. He’s had to earn it.

When he was 8 years old he was given a bunch of mouldy bananas by his grandfather. He traded those bananas for a rusty wheelbarrow a friend from school had found in the woods. Using that wheelbarrow he began to collect dog poop from the streets around his neighbourhood. Some residents applauded his efforts and gave him some pennies. Other residents thought he was a strange boy.

After many successful wheelbarrow trips he was able to upgrade from dog poop to horse poop and bought some manure from a local farmer, which he then delivered door to door.  By the age of 9 he would be a multi-millionaire, owning a vast network of sewage works and a multinational investment bank.

His meteoric rise continued, despite nearly making himself bankrupt after setting up Chimpstrad computers. His idea of an o-pad and o-phone was too far ahead of its time. That and the fact that they were rubbish and never actually worked.

Lord Chimpgar is currently looking for investment opportunities.

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