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According to your language ability, we can recommend 3 levels of courses ranging from elementary, intermediate to advanced.
1.He doesn't like to be v_________, instead, he prefers to solve the problem in peace.
2.Without o_________, we can't live.
3.On cold winter days, there will be ice on the s________of the water.
4.As is known to all, smoking is h_________ to our health.
5.With the d___________ of science, many new things are invented.
6. G___________ speaking, he is a smart boy except his carelessness.
7. The news s________ quickly all over the country.
8. Bad habits should always be p_______ in our daily life.
9. Whether you can succeed in the competition d________ on whether you have fully prepared for it.
10. His p________ at the meeting made everybody excited.
1. violent    2. oxygen    3. surface    4. harmful    5. development   6. Generally
7. spread   8. prevented   9. depends   10. presence
148. Is it OK if如果……可以吗?
Is it OK if I borrow your notebook tonight? 我今晚借你的笔记本可以吗?
149. Is it possible to... …有可能吗?
Is it possible to exchange the milk shake for the ice cream?
可以把泡沫牛奶换成雪糕吗? [milkshake:泡沫牛奶(牛奶、冰淇淋等混搅起泡的饮料)]
150. Is there a better way to... ……有没有更好的方法?
Is there a better way to search for images on the Internet?
The Morning Dew-晨露
On sunshiny summer mornings the grass is often wet with dew. There may be drops of dew on flowers and bushes, and spider webs , too. The drops of dew sparkle like jewels when the sun shines on them. Drops of dew look like drops of rain, but they do not fall from clouds as raindrops do. They are formed from the water vapor in the air when moist air strikes a cold object. Dew does not stay on very long after the sun comes up. The grass and other things on which the dew has formed soon get warm Then the dew changes into water vapor again This same water vapor may become dew again the next night if the weather is calm and fair.
Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.
hand over 移交,转交
hang around/about 逗留,闲荡
hang on 紧紧抓住,不挂断,继续坚持
hang out 把……晾在外面,探出身子
hang up 挂断电话
object to 反对
pay off 偿清,得到回报,获得成功
reach out for 伸手去够
refer to 提到,指的是,查阅
result from 因……而产生,是……造成的
result in 结果是,导致
rule out 排除,取消,拒绝考虑
see through看穿,说破
see to 照看,处理,负责
see…off 为……送行
sell out 售完
serve as 充当,担任
show off 炫耀
show up 出现,出席
stick out 使……突出,伸出
use up 耗尽,用尽
wear out 耗尽,使精疲力竭,穿破
add up to 总计为
break away from 脱离,放弃(习惯等),打破
catch up with 赶上
come down to 可归结为,可归纳为
come up with 提出,想出
cut down on 削减
do away with 废除
drop in on/at 顺便拜访某人/某处
drop out of 退学,放弃
end up with 以……结束,以……告终
face up to 勇敢地对付,面对
fit in with 适合,符合
get along/on with 进展,与……相处
get away from 逃脱,离开
get down to 开始认真地干……
go in for 酷爱,喜欢
go ahead with 进行,继续
go along with 和……一起去,赞成
hold on to 抓住,不放,坚持
keep out of 使……不进入
keep up with 跟上
live up to 遵守,符合,不辜负
look out for 当心
look up to 尊敬,尊重
look back on/upon 回顾,回想
look down on/upon 蔑视,看不起
look forward to 盼望,期待
make up for 弥补,赔偿
put up with 忍受
run out of 用完,耗尽
stay away from 离开,缺席
watch out for 注意,留神,提防
Some people eat with their tongues. They prefer to buy what ________ nice.
A.looks      B.smells               C.feels            D.tastes
【错混透析】 D look “看起来smell “闻起来feel “摸起来taste “尝起来。根据前一句用舌头……”可知,应选D项。
【解题指导】 连系动词本身有一定的词义,但不能独立作谓语,必须与表语一起构成谓语。表语通常由名词、形容词或相当于名词或形容词的词或短语等充当。有些连系动词如feel, taste 等通常不用于被动语态和进行时态中。
【例】 Thousands of foreigners were________to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened.
A. attended        B. attained         C. attracted        D. attached
【错混透析】 C attend 意为参加;出席attain 意为达到;获得attract 意为吸引attach 意为系上;绑上;贴上。根据句意应选C项,表示上海世博会吸引了成千上万的外宾。该题易误选A项,但动词attend 的主语应是人。
【解题指导】 对于同义动词或近义动词的辨析,首先要弄清楚每个动词的意义和用法区别,然后结合具体的语境确定正确答案。对于形近动词,平时要注意观察区分。
【例】 You look well. The air and the sea foods in Sanya must________you, I suppose.
A. agree with     B. agree to          C. agree on        D. agree about
【错混透析】 A agree with “同意(某人的意见)(气候、食物等)适合,适应;与……一致agree to “同意(提议、计划)”agree on/about“……达成一致。句意:你看上去气色很好,三亚的空气和海产品很适合你。故选A项。
【解题指导】 由同一动词加介词或副词构成的短语,在历年高考都会有许多考查。该类题目考生容易混淆短语的意义,因此平时学习中一定要有丰厚的词汇储备,明确这些短语的不同意义,然后结合语境和句意作出正确选择。
【例】 Sam________some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on it.
A. brought up    B. looked up        C. picked up      D. set up
【错混透析】 C bring up“教育;提出;培养;呕吐look up“向上看,查阅pick up “学会;捡起;拾起set up “搭起,竖起;建立。句意:Sam 只是通过看别人操作电脑就学会了不少电脑知识。
【解题指导】 介词或副词与不同的动词构成不同的短语,表达不同的含义。因此,归纳并熟记由同一介词或副词构成的短语,是解答该类题目的关键。
高考命题点一 动词和动词短语词义辨析
【例1】 He telephoned the travel agency to___three air tickets to London.
A. order    B. arrange           C. take          D. book
思路点拨:考查动词辨析。句意:他给旅行社打电话,预订了三张去伦敦的机票。book v. (向旅馆、饭店、戏院等)预订,预约;order v. 订购,叫(饮料、车等)arrange v. 筹划,准备,安排;take v. 定期购买,订阅(报刊);根据句意此处指的是预订三张去伦敦的机票,所以选D项。
【例2】 Jenny was looking for a seat when,luckily,a man________ and left.
A. took up      B. got up            C. shut up       D. set up
思路点拨:考查动词短语辨析。句意为:珍妮在找座位,幸运的是,这时一位男士起身离开了。get up “起身;站起来;起立,与语境意义相符。take up “从事;占据shut up “闭嘴set up “建立,创立,这三项均与语境意义不符。
高考命题点二 动词和动词短语的搭配
【例】 If you leave the club, you will not be ________ back in.
A.received    B.admitted         C.turned       D.moved
思路点拨:考查动词辨析。句意为:如果你退出该俱乐部,人家就不会考虑重新接受你。短语be admitted in/into 表示被录取,被接受,符合语境。
高考命题点三 系动词的用法
【例】 Some people eat with their eyes. They prefer to order what________nice.
A. looks       B. smells            C. feels         D. tastes
思路点拨:考查系动词。第二句话是对第一句话的补充说明,与第一句中的eat with their eyes 相呼应,第二句表达的应该是他们更喜欢点看起来很好吃的东西。故选项A正确。
no [nəʊ] ad. 不,不是 a.没有,无,不
No.(缩) = number [ˈnʌmbə(r)] n.数字;号码
noble [ˈnəʊb(ə)l] a. 高贵的,贵族的
nobody [ˈnəʊbədɪ] n. 渺小人物 pron. 没有人,谁也不
nod [nɔd] vi. 点头
noise [nɔɪz] n. 声音,噪声,喧闹声
noisily ['nɔɪzɪlɪ] ad. 喧闹地
noisy [ˈnɔɪzɪ] a. 喧闹的,嘈杂的
none [nʌn] pron.无任何东西, 无一人
non-stop [nʌn-stɔp] a.& ad.不停的,不断地
non-violent [nɔn-ˈvaɪələnt]a. 非暴力的
noodle [ˈnuːd(ə)l] n. 面条
noon [nuːn] n. 中午,正午
nor [nɔː(r)] conj. 也不
normal [ˈnɔːm(ə)l] n.& a. 正常的(状态)
north [nɔːθ] a.北的;朝北的;从北来的 ad.向(在,从)北方 n.北;北方;北部
northeast [nɒ:θ'i:st] n. 东北(部)
northern [ˈnɔːð(ə)n] a. 北方的,北部的
northwards [ˈnɔːθwədz] ad. 向北
northwest [nɒ:θ'west] n. 西北
nose [nəʊz] n. 鼻
not [nɔt] ad. 不,没
note [nəʊt] n. 便条,笔记,注释;钞票,纸币;音符,音调 vt. 记下;注意,留意
notebook [ˈnəʊtbʊk] n. 笔记簿
nothing [ˈnʌθɪŋ] n. 没有东西,没有什么 adv.一点也不;并不
notice [ˈnəʊtɪs] n. 布告,通告;注意 vt. 注意,注意到
novel [ˈnɔv(ə)l] n. (长篇)小说
novelist [ˈnɔvəlɪst] n. 小说家
November [nəʊˈvembə(r)] n. 11月
now [naʊ] ad. 现在
nowadays [ˈnaʊədeɪz] ad. 当今,现在
nowhere [ˈnəʊweə(r); (US) ˈnəʊhweər] ad.任何地方都不,无处
nuclear [ˈnjuːklɪə(r)] a. 原子核的,原子能的,核动力的
numb [nʌm] a. 麻木的,失去知觉的,迟钝的
number [ˈnʌmbə(r)] n. 数,数字,号码,数量
nurse [nɜːs] n. 护士;保育员
nursery [ˈnɜːsərɪ] n. 托儿所
nursing [nɜːsɪŋ] n.(职业性的)保育,护理
nut [nʌt] n.坚果,果仁(胡桃,栗子等)
nutrition [njuːˈtrɪʃ(ə)n] n. 营养,滋养
nylon [ˈnaɪlɔn] n. 尼龙
high/ low/ small percentage 百分比大小
perform a study/ experiment/ task/ job 做工作
good/ poor performance 表现好
a period of time 一段时间
permit sb to do 允许sb去做sth
If time permits 如果时间允许的话
weather permitting 天气允许的话
persevere with sth 坚持sth
persevere in doing 坚持做sth
persist in doing 坚持做sth
persist with 坚持sth
in person 亲自
personal view/ opinion/ taste/ preference 个人观点/品位/喜好
a strong personality 个性强
persuade sb to do/ into doing 说服sb去做sth
persuade sb not to do/ out of doing 说服sb不要去做sth
answer the phone接电话
on the phone 在线上
take a photo 拍照片
physical appearance 外貌
physical fitness 身体健康
physical examination 体检
play the piano 弹钢琴
pick out 选出
pick up 捡起/接sb/学习
pick sb up on sth 关于sth批评sb
have a picnic 进行野餐
go for/ on a picnic 在野餐
picture sb as 把sb描述为
in pieces 粉碎
cut/ divide sth into pieces 切碎

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